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Guest Rooms

Concept floor Iroha-kan


This floor is inspired by the vividly colored cherry blossom, which is said to have created a gentle backdrop against which peoples of old took part in festivities in Arima. In that way, this floor gently envelops you in tranquil refinement.
The modern space features the beautiful contrast of pink and black, with the faint sound of zither strings, like the murmurings of the flowers...
Read the fine verses penned across the walls to feel the art “blossom” within you.

Size 8 tatami mats and up
Occupancy 4 guests

Non smokingNon smoking SmokingSmoking


Listen closely and you will hear the murmur of the brook and the chirps of small birds.
Invited by the dappled light breaking through the treetops of the Arima mountains and Mt. Rokko, take a tour of the seasonal surroundings on this bright and beautiful floor.
Designed like a gallery, you will find the cut-work art of members of the Shitokai Cut-Work Club. These items feature relaxing motifs of travel in Arima and Mt. Rokko.

Size 8 tatami mats and up
Occupancy 4 guests

Non smokingNon smoking SmokingSmoking


Like floating on a gentle cloud, relax in the light and bright image of this white-themed floor as you forget the hustle and bustle and float about in revelry.
The refined interior is like a gallery of work, with a selection of Arima poems, letting your wings take flight as you hear the soft and free chirping of the birds.
You will feel as though your heart is resonating with the pastimes of those of days gone by.

Size 8 tatami mats and up
Occupancy 4 guests

Non smokingNon smoking SmokingSmoking

Guest House of Taiko

Japanese-style room

The foliage in the garden at Zuiho-ji Temple at dusk is simply exquisite, so much so that Toyotomi Hideyoshi called it “eternal.”
The Taiko no Yu Guest House brings this special moment as your very own. Savor the finest in hospitality as you relax and luxuriate.

*Note that meals served in-room are only offered at the Guest House.

Size 8 tatami mats and up
Occupancy 4-6 guests


Western-style room

We have two Western-style rooms on premises.
Unwind in a relaxing and comfortable bed.

Size 33㎡
Occupancy 2-3 guests


Facilities & Amenities

Room Facilities TV, telephone, Internet access (free WiFi), kettle pot, tea set, refrigerator, hair dryer, air-conditioning, bathroom with toilet (includes Washlet electric bidet). Free-of-charge loan items are humidifier and five types of pillows.
Available for paid rental are board game sets, including mahjong, shogi and Go.
Amenities Body soap, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush and paste set, razor, towel, bath towel, yukata, slippers, comb, and shower cap
Internet Connection Free WiFi throughout the whole building